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Vocational Maritime Education Department

Instruction to the vocational maritime education department

Vocational Maritime Education profile

    The vocational maritime education department is mainly responsible for the teaching management of students who are receiving the vocational maritime education and would obtain the adult college diploma when their graduation. The mainly responsibilities are followings:
    1, To be responsible for teaching plans and management, teaching operation management, student¡¯s life management, education quality management and evaluation as well as the basic construction of teaching management, such as internal and external professional certificate training, practice training, teaching management system, and so on. To make efforts to encourage the enthusiasm of teachers' teaching and students' learning; to make sure that teaching practice and social environment are closely integrated.
    2, To be responsible for the students' daily life management. To be combined the actual situation of the college with student's militarization management. In order to create "a harmonious campus" as the goal, to build the work guide target of "all work for students, paying much attention to students¡¯ moral education ", to guide and supervise the teaching activities which are related to the moral education and routine management work, to strengthen the student quality construction, to effectively organize students' extracurricular activities and social practice activities; to enhance the construction of the students¡¯ legal, ideology and morality consciousness to keep the good order of the college education.
    There are three programs in this department: navigation technology, marine engineering and marine electronic and electrical. Each program has its professional feature, and also has accurate cultivation objective. For all three programs, the teaching curriculum are designed scientifically, and the teaching management standards are performed strictly. Now ¡°Sandwich-style¡± of training has been done, the department will continue to bring up high-quality professional seafarers and to implement the brand strategy of university in maritime education and seafarer training, by enhancing the communication and cooperation with the shipping companies, fully utilizing the University¡¯s education and training resources, such as teaching staff, training facilities and equipments, professional maritime knowledge and expertise. such education model and the education quality of the student have received highly praised from relevant government departments, the domestic and foreign shipping companies.
    For many years, the percentage of passing the seafarer certificate of competency exam which is organized by the national MSA has maintained the leading level (compared with the same level institutions)